Corporate governance

Board of Directors

The RSight® Board of Directors sets the strategic direction of the Company and the RSight® Group. It appoints the executive corporate officer(s) responsible for implementing this strategy, approves the financial statements, convenes the Shareholders’ Meeting, and proposes the annual dividend. It takes decisions on the major issues concerning the day-to-day operation and future of RSight®, to promote sustainable value creation for its shareholders and all stakeholders.

Executive Committee

The RSight® Executive Committee is in charge of ensuring the collective management of the Group’s operations and define and execute RSight®'s principle directions.

Advisory board

The RSight® Advisory Board is a guiding body that gathers renowned experts in Business Development, Staffing, Delivery, and tech innovation. The main objective of the Advisory Board is to give advice and support the Executive Committee to fine-tune our grassroots interventions and ensure a sustainable growth.


The RSight® Compliance Framework consists in 4 key pillars:

  1. Compliance with laws
  2. Respect of the internal Code of conduct (embrace the RSight® values and act for the best interests of the Companies and RSight® clients)
  3. Protect the RSight® brand, information, Intellectual Property and our people
  4. Involvement in communities where we work and live

The data protection landscape is rapidly changing. As organizations harness the power offered by Digital and personal data, increasingly smart cybercriminals are intent on stealing or compromising that data. Compliance with the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) from May 2018 is thus both a regulatory requirement, a risk management issue and a strategic business imperative.